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A recent exchange made me realise that some of the information I now take for granted, has actually been learned along the way and it’s good to pass it on so that we all can benefit!


Good Links versus Bad Links


Links are one of the most useful elements in SEO for a web site, to tell Google and the other search engines that the web site is worthy of attention. The more links to your site from other places online, the more the search engines know that your site is interesting and that others will want to know about your content – and therefore it will increase your ranking in organic search.


However … not all links are created equal!


There are a number of factors that make good links more valuable and let the search engines know about your relevance for particular searches:


Page Rank of the Referring Site


An incoming link from a site with a high page rank is considered better than an incoming link from a site with a low page rank. You can potentially outrank your competitors to the top spots in the search engines by getting links to your site from sites with a better page rank compared to your competitors’ backlinks, even if you have less links in total than they do.

A link from a high PR site that is also popular and has an active community is without doubt the best kind of referring site for SEO purposes.




It makes sense that the search engines will look for the relevance of your link, meaning, does the link itself tie in with the nature of your web site?


For instance, a link such as -

Get a great WordPress web site design from Pure Notions Web Design, Somerset, here

is OK, from the perspective that having a link to your site is a bonus, but the word “here” is unlikely to be one of the web site’s targeted keywords


Get a great WordPress web site design from Pure Notions Web Design, Somerset

is also OK. It is most likely that the site is already ranking for their own name, still, it is a bonus link, but lacks the important relevance


Get a great WordPress web site design from Pure Notions Web Design, Somerset

ranks with the best of good links. This link contains the important anchor text “Web Design Somerset” when linking back to the site that has this as one of its targeted keywords. By linking your text in this way, you’re telling the search engines that someone searching for “web design Somerset”  will find something of value in the content to which you have linked.

Of course, if they had a page dedicated to this term and you linked back to that, rather than their home page, that would take it from being a good link, to an awesome one! ;-)


Good Links Build Good Communities


The fact is, that backlinks that we get and give that have the highest relevance, will be from those within our own market and serve to raise everyone up.  It takes just as long to create a bad or irrelevant link as it does to create a good link, so why not make this small act of community building the best it can be and help your community to prosper.


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  1. I like the spacious feel about your layout and the information on links is very useful. Thank you very much! Best regards Peter

  2. Great Post Natalie! I started going through an SEO training this week and
    this post definitely cleared up a few things on backlinking.

    Thank you for this post. Quality is always better than quantity! 8)

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