Terms And Conditions

Project Brief and Revisions

I’m very intuitive, but I can’t read minds and I’d like you to end up with a site that you love and that is representative of who you are and what your business is about.  Please fill in the questionnaire as fully as possible so that I can get a clear idea of your needs and design likes and dislikes. The clearer the brief at the start, the smoother the process will flow and the less guesswork will be needed from me. The packages include up to three revisions. Additional changes and revisions will be charged at my current hourly rate.


I offer extensive email contact, supplemented by Skype calls when needed. During the design process, I will be in touch with you often by email and will need you to be available to respond and approve various elements in order for the project to complete within our agreed time schedule. If I am unable to get a response for 36 hours, without prior arrangement, your project will be placed back in the queue. A failure to respond timeously may mean a delay in the project until such time as regular contact is possible and may result in your project forfeiting its place in the queue altogether. I don’t usually conduct business by telephone (with the exception of the initial consultation for local businesses in my area). Training sessions and consultations usually take place on Skype, which is a free computer to computer phone service that can be downloaded here.


A deposit of 50% is due on acceptance of the project, in order to add your project to the queue.  I accept online payment by PayPal in USD ($) or GBP (£). You don’t need a PayPal account in order to make a payment via PayPal. I can also accept cheque payments and direct bank transfer from local clients, by prior arrangement.  However, I won’t be able to add your project to the queue until after your cheque has cleared.


Due to the nature of this service, no refunds will be made under any circumstances.


Copyright on header and other image designs is transferred to you once final payment has been received. The WordPress theme copyright remains with the theme creator. Pure Notions terms and conditions requires that all parts of the web site design remain intact. You may not alter, change, sell, share, move or copy any part of the design elements in whole or in part. The purchase of a web site design, individual item design or customization, or any other service offered by Pure Notions is meant to be used for a single project on a single URL. You are granted a license to display the work, but you don’t own the design. You may not copy the template, code or elements and transfer them to another website or online format of any kind. Use of WordPress themes is set out by the theme owner. In the case of the premium theme I use and hold the developer’s license to, the theme must be surrendered when my work is removed.

No derivative works of copyrighted property are permitted. If you remove any part of the design, you must redesign your web site, and choose a new standard WordPress theme to be used on it. You are welcome to provide photos or purchase royalty-free (stock) images and understand that you are responsible for complying with the terms of the license agreement(s) and photography copyrights. Neither Pure Notions, nor Natalie, will be liable for photos or design elements provided by you. You are responsible for complying with U.K. Copyright Law – even if you live outside the U.K. Failure to comply may result in legal action.

An image stating that your web site was designed by Pure Notions may be placed in the lower sidebar or footer. You may relocate the image within the sidebars, but may not remove it. A text link credit will be placed in the footer of all themes/templates created by or customized by Pure Notions. These terms require that both remain intact for the duration of the use of the design. In some cases, theme owners, photographers or non-royalty free graphics will require attribution. Pure Notions complies with all copyright and license agreements; you are not permitted to knowingly infringe on other artists’ work while licensing a Pure Notions design.